lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017


Hi everyone,
today we are gonna learn some idioms using the word HEART.
If that interests you, please keep reading.


Break someone's heart

Make someone very sad, usually by not loving him/her. Often related to unrequited love.

Laura broke my heart when I proposed and she said "no"

Do something to your heart's content

Do something enjoyable so many times as you want to.

The pool is open all day so you can swim to your heart's content

Feel your heart sinks

Feel very worried or sad

When I knew Paul was suffering from cancer my heart sank.

Lose heart

Stop thinking you can success

Don't lose heart, there will be more opportunities to do it right.

In your heart of hearts 

Know something deep down but don't want to admit it.

In my heart of hearts I knew he was cheating on me.

Take something to heart

Give something a lot of importance because upsets you, like criticism or advise.

Don't take it to your heart - he was only joking.